Junk Professionals, Reach Homeowners In Real-time

Junk Haulers use our solution as an off-the-shelf direct mail and Realtor referral program that's run on real-time home listings

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Reach Decluttering Homeowners

The process is simple. In a matter of minutes, your sales team can quickly reach homeowners using our MLS home listing data while developing Realtor referral relationships along the way

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    1. Select the target markets where your customers live
  • junk haul leads platform marketing autmation
    2. Automate branding and marketing campaigns to homeowners and Realtors
  • junk haul leads platform CRM
    3. Track all direct mailers, SMS, and emails across the company

Smart Homeowner & Realtor Marketing

Smart. Simple. Lead Generation.

Filtered & Segmented Home Listing Data

We have full USA coverage of home listing data and allow you to drill down to your target markets based on owner-occupied homes, zip codes, and home characteristics

Direct Marketing Automation

Once you've created your target market, you can use our professional templates or your own to send out direct mailers, SMS, or emails to homeowners and their listing Realtor

Outbound Lead CRM

Most junk haulers treat outbound marketing like a necessary evil. No tracking, no performance metrics, and no accountability. Our system tracks every piece of marketing delivered company-wide and lets sales managers track their team's activity

Design By Industry Leaders

We aren't VC backed. We turned our successful internal tool into a nationwide direct marketing software for junk haulers. Join dozen of industry practitioners who are fitting us into their junk haul sales and marketing cycles

  • Invented by industry leaders

    Our team combines decades of experience across the moving industry, property data niche, and software development market. The system is designed to get your junk hauling brand in front of homeowners and Realtors

  • Building for Junk Haulers

    Most lead and marketing platforms made for junk haulers are static and outdated. We have an extensive feature roadmap and use best-in-class property data and marketing strategies when updating the platform

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Junk Haul Leads - Platform FAQs

Most junk haul businesses have an outbound marketing program in place or rely heavily on Angi, Google, or Nextdoor. Below we highlight frequent questions that pop-up when haulers are questioning whether they need another marketing channel

  • Does your data work for Junk Haulers?

    We provide the cleanest MLS data across the USA. We append this data with homeowner data, including owner-occupied indicators, and with listing real estate agent data. Every day, your dashboard will bring in moving leads that have been verified and we'll give you real-time updates on this data through the home sale stages

  • What are the advantages on this builder?

    Online ads continue to climb in price. You've probably noticed how much Google Ads drain your budget and this trend will continue. Aggregator moving leads are spotty, at best. They may be less than online ads, but these moving leads, which you pay for, are shared with many home service providers. SEO is a great strategy for any business. Moovsoon is the other half to your inbound market efforts and gives you a cost-controlled, targeted outbound process.

  • Who was the system built for?

    Our parent brand, Moovsoon.com, is the leading lead generation and data system for household goods movers. After seeing major demand from Junk Haulers, we have expanded our offering to junk hauling businesesses that can leverage the homeowner and Realtor data and lead generation platform to scale their businesses. It fits seamlessly!

  • What if I already have an outbound marketing / lead generation process?

    Most junk haulers have a direct mailer outreach program. However, this process usually isn't automated or targeted and if you use a third party, it's more expensive than it should be. To begin, we offer a dashboard to view your marketing and track what's working in your markets. Modern marketing requires measurement and transparent, team-wide data. For outreach, we use proven "triggers" to send marketing to homeowners and track these touches right in the system. The system also lets you build and track relationships with top Realtors. A referral base is the best acquisition and Realtors should be your champions

  • What markets do you serve?

    Junk Hauler Leads has full geographic coverage of US home listings, homeowner data, and real estate contact information. All you need to do is plug in either your market's zip codes or counties and within minutes, the system will generate property listingsĀ 

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Words from Junk Hauler Leaders

  • "Until using Junk Haul Leads, our team would mass mail everyone in the market. The tracking capabilities are a game changer."

    Marty King, Founder
  • "Automation, Realtor relationship management, and conversion tracking...gives my team back hours out in the field to be the closers they are hired to be."

    Emma Patts, CEO
  • "Google Ads has killed our budget. Outbound through this system is another option that aggregates the best leads in our market and will be a tremendous asset to our local outreach."

    Vincent Ricardo, Co-founder & COO

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